Today's trade results: 4 day trades and 1 swing trade (Disclaimer: I post these every day regardless if I win or lose). I am also currently holding 10 stocks for swings into Friday (See my other post for current swing holdings). All entries and exits posted on my stream usually immediately after I buy/sell. All trades are roughly $2,000 in size Swing Trade $IMTE -Bought Wed at 4.54 and sold today at 3.96 for 12% loss(Of course right after I sold it shoots up 10%.Go figure.But one of my rules is to cut my losses in the 10-15% range. So in the long run being disciplined with cutting my losses will save me money Day Trades $IDEX -3 day trades here for basically break even(Tough day today with this ticker.Also have a swing going into tomorrow at 2.37 $NOVN -Bought at .555 and sold at .532 for a 4% loss(Also rebought at .485 for a swing going into tomorrow Results-Realized Loss-$360(OK lets make this a blip on the radar on a otherwise great week.Hoping to finish the week strong tomorrow!
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