$HITIF A lot of people seem to be missing the big picture here. Almost every index around the globe is red and the weed sector has been bleeding hard since last week. This isn't a high tide problem, that's the upside. The downside is that HITI will not make a swift recovery until the global markets recover. This isn't a short attack. It's not stock manipulation. And finally the stock price of high tide did not crash because of "panic sellers". I'm dickhard bullish on hiti but sold off at 0.84 waiting for it to bottom. To reiterate - this is a great investment. I dont want the SP to fall any further, but being realistic saves you money. I people keep saying "iM oNlY hErE tO mAkE mOnEy" but instead people join a cult formed around a company. HITI has an amazing future ahead of itself - all im saying is take a BIG step back and look at the world markets and use that as an indicator and not rsi of one individual company