$AMC Ok so I watched the interview. Notice how Liz and assperino quickly shut marc down when it was going to get juicy into details. Im pretty sure everyone realized this , we being spun in a circle for months. With lies and fraud. Weird that AA told marc to not be in contact in him anymore. Not sure whats going on, doesnt look good though... If they stretch this out past 2021 it means they dont care about tax and we going to go for a rough long time of constant bullshit. Eventually people will start protests. Idk what AA has planned but since Jan he has helped no one but himself. He killed momentum multiple times. doesnt seem to care about us making money. idk whats going to trigger this honestly, but im holding no matter what. its just the bullshit never ends, always the same crap. its not about money anymore, its about blatant disrespect. We know what they doing