$AABB let me just tell you the real reason you should invest in aabb. I have not been investing long. started the year at about 40k. thought to myself ok Joe, if you can double your money every year, then by the time you retire you will have one bomb ass investment account. ...so the goal was to have my account to $80k by the end of this year, $160k by the end of next year ect. so I was doing pretty good a week ago. less than 2 months in, my biggest holding was up 50%, aabb had doubled and I was right at $60k for the year and was thinking dam, I could actually hit $100k this year. A week later? due entirely because I hold (some added during the week) 400k shares of aabb, $100k? check. $200k? seems inevitable. $400k? seems really likely. how high could I go??? absolutely no idea. that is what aabb did for me. Just sayin.