$HPIL Morning HPIL family. SB is already awake & working. Patience in the process, it’s not a matter of IF we will go pink but WHEN 💪🏼💎🙌🏼
@TradeLiveLoveLaugh @TheWarthogX @TradeLiveLoveLaugh @Sin_ @FarEastOfTengai @Sin_first off it was 2:27am his time when he tweeted this... the man should be sleeping and I don’t view him being up this “late” as a positive thing at all especially since he appears to be unstable. Secondly, this tweet misses the bigger point and is not correct. Stephen Brown has yet to submit ALL the necessary filings with the attorney letter for OTCM attorney letter to review. OTCM will not review ANYTHING until all that is submitted. Mr. Brown replying back at 2:27am with an incorrect excuse only raises more concerns