$YTEN In May 2017, they announce the RS on Tuesday not Monday. Also they mentioned the date of RS two days before the effectiveness. So all investors knew the exact date in May 2017 before it happened. This company is totally different from INPX. it is a stupid if we think that this like INPX RS. The reason is because the trend of YTEN is so strong, very low float, different cap, different Pipeline and category. This is biopharmaceutical company like ONTX ADVX, etc. All of these biopharmaceutical companies received a notification from NASDAQ compliance about to reach 1.00 and they are trying to reach 1.00. Also, keeping in mind they did the RS in May 2017 not January so most probably they will do it in May 2020 because they said they may achieve 1.00 before June to be compliant. I think they will try to achieve 1.00 before June. Also the median PT is $0.75 based on the chart trend based on 4 NASDAQ analysts. With news this may achieve 1.00 before January.
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