$GNOG if they weren't loading up everyday I would maybe consider worrying. Most of my biggest winners have taken hits after highs before back tracking to higher highs. After patient and sometimes difficult holds, something would release. Be it revenue or news or product. Then sentiment would flip and I'd be way in the green. Who knows what will happen here. I'm up enough here and elsewhere to kick my legs up and watch this. I don't invest with rent money. It's an investment and part of my thesis is to not let emotional thoughts cloud my due diligence. I'm not telling anyone what they should do. To me nothing has changed negatively. When the price shoots up all the bulls call victory. When it drops the bears do the same. The real victor knows what he owns and does leg work. You can't be right all the time. But you can't be wrong unless you sell for a loss. I'm not going anywhere. That works for me and I'm happy with that decision. Good luck to everyone.