$ACHV news!!! The absurdly low market cap, cash on hand equal to $1/share, and beautiful chart with resistance broken on Friday, all suggested that something was going happening here. Today's news however is a nice bonus and is something that has enormous potential for the industry. We are at the leading front of this amazing technology and the revenue stream will be unreal (let's not forget the market is forward looking). The fact we are partnered with $ORCL will bring a lot of eyes here, can't wait to see how this is monetized. Remember you invested in a tiny float micro cap, news like this will do what Honeywell news did for $CPAH on Friday, not to mention there is much more news expected. This will be the rubber of the week, my PT is $5 this year. $INPX $NOVN $SLS $ADXS $GHSI $FCEL
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