$DOYU As I noted before.... Tencent invested ~$850 million in DOYU between 2016-2018 has never sold a share even when DOYU was above $20. Tencent's current position of ~38% is worth ~$550 million. There is no way they are selling any shares of DOYU without a massive profit. From the recent article below.....“Given that Huya and Douyu are both likely to list in Hong Kong at some point, that could provide an opportunity for Tencent to sell its stake in Douyu,” he wrote." DOYU has 191 million users as of March and likely way over 200 million by now with $1.3 billion in cash ($4 per share). A Hong Kong listing would easily take us above $20 again. I am personally way over the 200K share mark now and will just keep adding and sleeping very easy knowing this is a triple or more from this point.