$PSTH if you think there will be positive news in the next 2 months or sooner you could load up on June call options. At current stock price you could leverage 2000 shares by buying 20 12.5 strikes for about the same price as owning 1000 of the common. Don't buy the ask they are showing, use a limit order just above the bid and work your way up until they bite. I have noticed they don't like to drop the ask on these less liquid stocks so good luck. Once you buy those you will be down some because of the gap between the bid and ask. So you need to be committed to your beliefs. There you go Shelly
@Bucktooth_Beaver check out how I played it weeks ago. Sold 30c for a little over 200 and bought the 17.5 for 580. Break even is 21.34 and redemption is 20. Max loss 11ish K. If somehow goes below redemption can exercise calls and redeem shares at 20. Max gain is just about 90k at 30. Also if flat or under 30 I still win trade with 20k sold in 30 premium. 17.5 spread is all you need with your strategy with selling the 30s or 35s