$NVAX I hope my warnings didn't come off as an ahole the past two weeks, but my message was sharp and clear to hopefully save someone losing their retirement and or marriage lol. I took it one step further and pointed out pumpers like AY only to have his pumping crew that eats every word out of his hand give me grief. Then you have ppl like Turtle posting it's going to 80 cuz he finally bought puts (convinced it's AYs other account for pure pumping). Now ppl blowing up at him on Twitter for being shady. In the end you can get all the info you want from a pumper but it's as biased as a bear. Its the even headed individuals that always provide the best advice. There's a few on here but not a lot. No positions but I feel for the longs that hleld through the BS. Carefully who you trust on here for info and how it's twisted.