Finally here is HUSA not correlating to Oil but you see it drop/scalp/channeling before the spike. IMO the last 5 days pumpers have been accumulating and will perhaps pump this week but in my opinion they won't get it higher than .23. Maybe they'll pump off of something Powell says Tues/Wed. The charts I looked at are done with "Elder Impulse Bars". Here's a short description and a link to more info on Elder Impulse Bars if you're interested. So GL this week! I'm not making any recommendations, just sharing what I'm going to do so if I'm right I can say I called my shot ha ha ha :) Happy Week Everybody!👍✌️ --"The Elder Impulse System encourages you to enter cautiously but exit fast. This is the professional approach to trading, the total opposite of the amateur's style. Beginners jump into trades without thinking too much and take forever to get out, hoping and waiting for the market to turn their way.” school.stockcharts.com/doku...
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