Mid Stocks to day Trade today, dont chase. Mid stocks always pulls back at market open 75% of the time so dont jump in FOMO. Pick your strategy and follow the day trading rules as attached ✅ $NIO , rose by 11% because of NIO day tomorrow, this one is hot but i still expect a pull back before it start climbing up to its $60 target by monday ✅ $XPEV 11% gainer, expect range to day trade betwen 43 and 44 market open ✅ $FUBO premarket touched $29.30, great stock, half from $65, buy around 28.50 range ✅ $XL premarket $22.54, will trade under 22 before it cross 23-24 plus easily today ✅ $QS from $130 to $40 to $74 and back to $61 yesterday, its around $64.90, buy at pre market if you can, expect to run good, good stock to hold as well
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