$CEI it's late but can't help going over today and the current circumstances around Camber. I'm not an expert and can't read minds. Only know what seems logical as an attack strategy... From what I have read (and no way to be sure) JD took the Kerrisdale thing very personal and he has stated his thoughts on shorts. We still have what? 3 filings then the 10k? I would drop whatever 3 they are in today's pre-market to bring the shorts in more. They will fight to keep the price down. He has a good feel for the investors who have proven that they aren't going to let the price drop too far so the shorts fight all day. As soon as the market closes, I would drop the 10k trapping the shorts and forcing a cover. Easier to move price in after hours. Just a thought, of course but it would make for one hell of a day.