$EROS Each day is building up that next wave of the Tsunami... Buying volume ratio is picking up just as I had expected and continuously mentioned... This is all like clockwork, which is why I don't post much anymore. The tsunami is coming folks... The waves will get low before they get big. 🌊🌊🌊🏄‍♂️
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@Jolega I’ve been good man. Corona is keeping my ass busy at work so not too much time to TA and day trade. This new market is no bueno for the strategy I learned and tweaked from you. Now I’ve just been flipping $AAL for some decent bread. Puts paid for an entire vacation and regrettably thousands of dollars on fireworks for my nieces and nephews. Lol. Could’ve yolo’d some $TSLA options 😂😂
@ricky_bobby00 Good to hear man! The techniques work in any market, it's just much more choppy than before. If you do have the time, go read the 5min charts on the spy, or sell weekly puts or weekly credit spreads on tech stocks. Reading the volume is where it's at. Using what I taught you, look at the 5 min chart on the spy. Look at how easy it is. Btw, silver/precious metals and mining stocks are about to go parabolic with silver futures coming up. Huge demand for it is building up.
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