$FUBO my fellow fubros and fusisters, I’m straight bullish LT here but want to share a rare opportunity over at $CLEU as we wait for this sports book to be launched. The 2.7m float is locked and has been verified. With approximately 25% short interest we are ranked #11 on fintel as most likely to squeeze as of today. This will run no matter what in the next 30 days as there was a private placement where CEO sold $6 million shares @$5 to friends and family which are restricted until 9/29. They are printing naked shares and throwing every manipulating tactic at us but we are still up over 100% in the past month. Again, the float is locked and this will explode no matter what. Bulls have PT of $15-$20+. Please refer to @Vestorinvest page for all the DD you need. Thanks for your time and gl to all.