$HCMC Team - Hold a ($)Benjamin Aside for Monday if your Wish *HOWEVER - Today is the Day we Can Make Some Huge strides! The 2,000+ Aligned and Knowledgeable Bulls at the @Lyla_armstrong HCMC Team Know - This GEM is a #LongHold to the Promised Land! But if we want to see Some Butterfly Effect Down the Road = LET's BREAK THROUGH that .002 WALL TODAY!!!! The More Walls We Breakthrough Before The Judge Slams the Gavel #AnyDayNow - The Higher we will Go when This Explodes after Catalyst 1, 2 etc.!! Check out the @Lyla_armstrong Team Insights about Big Tobacco Legislation and HOW TO AVOID #PansyAssedBears! Whales will be looking at Tobacco Tickers TODAY FOLKS! TAG your Tobacco Tickers on MESSAGES TODAY - Let's #StealBack OUR Shareholders! HCMC will be the KNEW $PM ! Spread the Word! #BreakTheWall!! & #CHARGEEEE!!!!! Do You Hear Us? $MO $TOBAF $GME
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