$NAKD I'm only 1 month into trading and I know the 1st rule. Don't use money you can't lose. 2nd if your not a swing trader, don't use a stop loss. Be present and make the decision to sell manually if at all (circumstances may call for it). 4. Always average down if possible. It seems silly to through more money at a falling stock but I was able to go from 2.53 to 1.30. And at bell hopefully 1.11ish if or better. 5. Do not panic sell. Its ok to panic. But just do not sell with emotions. If I sold everything nakd went down I would be way worse off than I am now. Reminder 2.53 av and held through .77 dipski. 6. I will add this where I fucked up. I never took any profits along the way. I was up several thousand at one time and let it go all the way back to red. Now I know we can't see the future but the market corrects itself inevitably. So reducing your postion slightly every 10 of 15% of gains would have helped. Even if to be reinvested on dips.