@Toneski Synopsis on IFRX, NOT your typical Bio. German Company, LOTS of cash, low burn Have a drug to treat a nasty, ugly skin disease that has no other treatments. IPO 2 YEARS ago @ $15 traded the whole time from there to 30's, 40s, hit 50's During a 40 week trial, at 16 weeks they release data, in it 40% of placebo patients show positive results. People panic, "DRUG FAILED" & it crashed from $37 to $3 in ONE damn day. Worst I ever saw Company is silent, they will finish the trial. I read a LOT, turns out the drug DOES work, 54-61% of patients, but all people see is the placebo response. Sugar pills have NEVER cured a disease, EVER. Now, the final results are out, lo & behold, 56% positives, even turned Non-responders into positives. Its NOT going to $35 today, but it sure should react positively. I don't care if it takes 5 years to get back to $37, that's over 200% return, EVERY year, from here. Not gambling, but I own some And I aint selling
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