$ETH.X - remember last time $ETH.X was shorted? 240 - 317 well - they back at it again. that was a hell of a run - could be time for $BTC.X to take the reigns and make a move, however, wouldnt be surprised if ethereum tagged along. big cap moving time.
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@tea_dubz i just meant new to the metrics. you can look up charts on TRADING VIEW bitcoin longs bitcoin shorts you can also pay attention to funding rates on futures negative rates means longs are being paid (it is being shorted heavy) positive rates means shorts are being paid (it is being longed) for example - on binance right now, BTC funding rate is at 0.052% meaning that the long positions are heavy theres also this page that attempts to follow bitmex positions. i find THIS page a little suspect because bitmex is shady... blockchainwhispers.com/bitm... using futures rates and positions though helps you get another edge to trading the market. hope this helps.