$BTC.X Aww - did that little dump hurt? 209% - 177% PNL for the month Lmao get the fuck out of here with the FUD ASS BULLSHIT $BTC.X $ETH.X I still see a 34,000 handle on BTC and a 1000+ handle on ETH $SPY bros can get rekkkkkkttttttttt
@jbeach1978 ill let you in on a little secret j beach while everyone is selling alts into cash you sell them into btc dotted line is where ill sell my eth to btc crypto isnt about buy low sell high anymore its about stacking, staking and lending. that's why im over at dot. staking enough to make 1/2 a basic working income for the year. think of when dot is 25$ a coin the math is beautiful anyway - to each their own but this cycle i am absolutely killing it and i dont plan to sell any more than 30% of my portfolio i dont need that kind of cheap cash id rather have 8 mil in 4 years rather than 1.4 in 1