$SPY $AMD Prime example of an individual who probably made one sweet ass “INVESTMENT” awhile back and hasn’t learned to cut ties with a winner!! This is what leads to depression...Like I’m some kind of pumper when I clearly have stated I make money both ways and cut ties with my winners after a certain time frame because I follow RISK MANAGEMENT and have my own plan...I have been successful with my trades and now I personally don’t invest much I trade...as soon as I say “Hey watch out this shit is in a vulnerable market”....lol try to call me out😂🤣...they teach you to hold on to shit forever and it’s my OPINION that that doesn’t create wealth that’s why Big Boys rotate their shit around because if you think this market will let you sit around and not do shit but make you rich off their money🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣...still a lot to learn...
@JuiCE90 no one will be listening to you around here... you won't be here in another week or 3 anyway..
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