$APYP This will soon be a Zombie Ticker at .00001. There was NEVER going to be an evaluation of the company, that was PR hype and a lie, Wednesday will prove that with no news on BDO. The "expected" merger completion is also PR hype. They will announce the merger's failure and laugh all the way to the bank. They were going to torpedo this stock when Bary was given 68% of the stock to use to manipulate it. It has worked wonders for Bary and he has cashed in. Anyone who buys this heaping pile of dog shit will never see their money again Lesson to be learned...stay TF away from penny stocks. But I'll be here every fucking day to tell people not to fall for Bary's BS. If he comes to the USA I will choke him with his own yarmulke and spit in his face.