$PSFE Clear case of fraud/money laundering. Look at volume, and price decline. Do you really think retailers are capable of this volume, and selling at these price levels? They structured this deal "so that retailers could have shares", when really they did so to offload this slowly decomposing business to unsuspecting retailers. This can never squeeze due to the outstanding shares. Look at any other squeeze, they do not have the large out. shares/float levels that this has. The typical response of "Do you really think the institutions are selling at these levels? For these losses?" Let me ask though, what is a reasonable alternative? The only alt is institutional dumping. Why would they dump for a loss? At a huge conglomerate, likely for tax harvesting/spreading losses around various business for tax purposes, it's not that crazy of a concept. Hope I'm wrong, and you all make bank. I got tired of being raped daily by Phil & Bill, so I left (for a loss like the institutions). GLTA