$ARDX this is the biggest drop I have ever seen in my 11 years trading this sector. I believe this to be an overreaction of incredible magnitude. The drug is safe. The drug met all primary and secondary endpoints. The drug is already approved for another indication (IBS-C) I feel like management tried to go for a broad label and phase 2/3 data didn’t support that. The FDA could still approve this and offer a different label. They could also issue a CRL. In any case I won’t be selling at these insulting levels. This drug is safe, efficacious, and high-desired by phrenologists world wide to meet an unmet need. These bags are going to be heavy, but I will hold them with dignity. This drug will make it to market one day. When? I don’t know. But I will be around for it. @mailman1961 and I have had our reservations with managements commercialization plan. If I’m a betting man (I am) I would say that management screwed up and pushed too far. Good luck to all. Godspeed.