$TBLT My challenge to all of you "LONGS / BULLS" is, considering how many there are reportedly on here... and actively posting... PROVE that you can actually drive a squeeze. So, far it looks like the uptick was manufactured and the newly minted shares are taking advantage of the upswing.... Right now,.. it looks like the same forces that drove this to sub $2.00 are owning the Bulls - despite the reported short % and CTB rate. I simply don't trust the reported short interest **in light** of the newly minted shares / warrants... the last several years has been this same kind of manipulation... and it starts with $TBLT Leadership - CEO Michael Panosian & his CFO Martin Galstyn (who can't / won't file a Quarterly on time save his life... )... plus the BoD of miscreants... complete untrustworthy. They are NOT representing the interests of shareholders... rather their actions are aligned to insiders, familia, hedgies, banksters.... retail shareholder interest zilch!!