$ZOM Disclaimer (GLTA before you flame me. Had 100k at .1663 avg here at open, sold off 50k at .2302. There will be more opportunities to re-entry...my reasoning👉). Many of us have been here long enough to live with these spikes a few times a week. I love it, yes. But at the same time be cautious and secure some of your profits along the way. If we can open at the AH .245(?) a rise will likely have the pre-offering bag holders at the end of May selling at what they got in for. The RSI and MACD don’t express enough support to be stable at .245+ without any real news from the company. CEO was a sturdy level. Prediction is only to guess, but it has had steady SLOW growth since that offering. This fast spike will drop off like most other spikes penny stocks have seen the past few months. I don’t want your shares, just an investor that’s seen this occur frequently across the market.
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