$MJWL I’m going to leave this for the weekend. A lot of people keep asking what makes this company so special, prove this and prove that. Listen! We don’t need to prove anything to you. We are doing you a favor by taking the time to introduce a solid company with a strong game plan. If you choose to not do your due diligence then you will ultimately fail yourself financially in the future. If you think this stock isn’t for you then please walk away and find what you think is your golden opportunity elsewhere. I’ve been posting solid proven information all day. I’m happy to help the genuinely interested individual but I’m not interested in bears, trolls, or immature kid’s attempting to waste our time with empty comments. I am heavily invested in this company and will continue to invest until this takes off. I know if you do your homework you will find big things are happening with this ticker. Congratulations to all who are in this as I feel you made a great and smart choice!