One thing I noticed this week is we have a strange war going on between two tickers. $MJWL and $LCLP. Early $MJWL investor who cashed out a small portion of there $MJWL profits headed over to $LCLP for a second opportunity. This caused a seesaw effect between tickers that really stirred up a mess. What we didn’t realize was $LCLP’s profits were brought back over to $MJWL which caused a climb. Then on day two the same thing happened $MJWL went down and $LCLP went up. The charts were opposite in view. On day three enough profits were made that an even amount of shares could be split between tickers putting everything back in harmony. Bottom line is we are all out to make money here! Both stocks have incredible potential for massive growth and is uniquely special on there own. Let’s stop battling and comparing! Do your research on both tickers and pick the one that suits you best! $MJWL and $LCLP had a great finish to the week! I’m looking forward to next week! Be kind to one another!