$LCID The S1 Updated that cam out in May adjusted the total to "under 1000". They have confirmed through VIN lookups and other emblems on the floor mats of Dream Edition there are already 500+ made. To be certain, they not only have cars ready and vaildated post production and VIN certified for delivery. I would put it they will have 2500 completed by EOY. So a 10x jump is more likely, and addtionally dobale given they are only scaling to 20k while season companies are having trouble with 500-600k orders.
$LCID The protected deliveries for this quarter is an oddly specific 577. That’s only about 6-7 per day which seems very doable. However, they are saying 20,000 next year which is almost 35x more vehicles. To meet that quota they then are going from 6-7 per day to 55 per day. Seems like a pretty big jump with supply constraints and never actually doing it before whereas seasoned companies are having troubles…
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