$ATOM "$2 On The Downside For $400+ Of Upside We already know from management that a single deal for Atomera could generate anywhere from $6.7 million to $29 million in sales. Per year. That works out to a market cap valuation range for Atomera on a single deal of $134 million to $580 million or about $6.80 per share to $20.60 per share. So we’re talking about a downside of a few dollars for a potential upside of about twelve dollars, based on current prices. Super compelling, but it’s only part of the equation… You see, those numbers are only based on a single deal. Yet, we know for a fact that there are 17 high-probability deals in Phase 3, which are close to completion. That includes several JDAs that would essentially be multiple deals like the one above, bundled into a one. Remember, there’s no way customers are spending the time and money to advance to that stage if the odds of using Atomera’s tech aren’t extremely high."
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