$ATOM Many who have been following here for a while, may recall some past discourse from those who disagreed with many of our opinions. They resorted to petty and childish personal attacks, name calling and flat put distortion of the truth. We for the most part chose to tune them out rather engage, upon seeing their true colors. Many of us painstakingly tried to help educate them, but to no avail, resulting in them being blocked, incurring large losses and missing what will ultimately prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. As I sit here, I would be remiss if I didn't say that it would be nice to say a few words to them now, but we are better than that. We know who our true friends are here, the ones with integrity and character. Those who choose their words carefully and speak with purpose. What happened here in the last year is the result of a team effort involving some truly quality people. It's been a pleasure to be in all of your company and I'm grateful for it.
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