$AMD $AAPL $QQQ $TNX $TLT These nonfarm payrolls... holly smokes. Bonds are taking it on the chin right now. Wouldn't be surprised if the 10-year is up to 1.76% by Monday. Growth stocks are in for some pain on Monday (I hope I'm wrong). Kind of glad markets are closed today. I don't understand why so many folks are so bullish on this number
@Modest_Investor_18 i also think the bond yields were rising with no real underlying support (other than manipulation via speculation by tutes/funds to crash tech for entries they slept on) which created rotation. Speculation is on inflation which ties to the bond yield via interest rates, speculation of inflation is the story being told but said to be short lived if any by J Pow. (See summer of last year to fall) With promise of low interest rates and them not rising theres no reason for yield to be rising unless there was excessive selling in the bond market. This could be tutes/funds selling off the bond market to manipulate the market with the media story, if theyre feeling the retail squeezes and banks arent lending because of funds blowing up this is a back up source of capital to fight squeezes. This all falls in line with my market wide gamma squeeze theory with stimulus and inflow of retail traders. imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fa.... tradingeconomics.com/united...