$SOS I *FINALLY* figured out why they chose Park Falls for the launch of their "supercomputing center" I was checking to see if the minutes from the planning commission meeting had been uploaded (sadly, no, they are at least a month behind) and look what I found at the Park Falls permit website cityofparkfalls.com/permit-... An application for Chicken Coops!!! We *know* they have expertise setting those up! Now they can mine in the good ole USA just how they mined in the PRC!
@WangDangDoodle94107 It was shiny on outside because that’s how they ship the spools new. The wire is encased in an aluminum sheathing so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. You sure you’re okay? Do I need to call in a well-check for you? You seem to have a few screws loose lately. $SOS $BTC.X $ETH.X