$UWMC I don’t know how to post on wsb, but if I did I would post this. Growing up there was nothing more magical than waking up Christmas morn and seeing Santa was there and left a pile of gifts. I still believe in him to this day and I finally found him!!! In addition he is granting my Christmas wish of a UWMC squeeze to 20! Look at the post from earlier today on stock twits, price for the first time started spiking so hard after I asked Santa I could not believe it! We have been shorted so hard and have over 20%short interest! In addition UWMC is in an on going 300 mil stock buy back. I am yolo ‘ing 160k in it and Santa just promised to bring us to 20!!! Only true believers allowed. If you still believe in Santa please come join us!!! You can see my Santa posts on stock twits uWMC