$NVAX Starting to wade through some of the COVID vaccine concerns figure what is real and what is tin foil hat stuff. A) Seems to be gaining in interest is the toxicity of Spike Protiens. So one might worry about tell you cells to make an un determined amount of these and having them free floating vs bundled. (NVAX Pike balls would limit The ACE receptor interactions with the vaccine spike protiens AND you know how much of it is in the blood. vs what ever your cells made, before they stopped if they stopped etc. B) the mRNA people want to ignore the fact that RNA introduced into cells can at times be reverse transcribed into DNA. Changing DNA. What I am learning though is that the mRNA faction slogan that RNA degrades fast is not universally accepted. And that RNA from viruses has been found to become part of DNA, so why not mRNA? pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/333...