$CCIV correct me if I’m wrong, but my buddies who have Robinhood or Acorn are always talking about Dogecoin and talking about “to the moon!” I ask how much did you invest. They say, “Oh, $50!” “Bro... stop.” I don’t say that but I want to, but I’m also happy they are intrigued in single stock investments. I’m also guessing those same people are on here and are the ones freaking out and selling. All I have to say is thank you as I put another $10,000 down. You are what make others wealthy. Not talking down you on. Just hope you enjoy and learn overtime. I love that people are investing and understanding. However, government is now starting to look at the tax rates for investments since the whole GameStop stupidity. Have a great now y’all and I’ll see you in a few years. Only a few of you will make it to the end. Peace.