$IDEX Management knows this is a priority (The financing of large ticket items) They are coming closer and closer to solve this issue as many of these orders have been delayed. Read this down below from the Q3 transcript and go back to the previous deals. I’m telling y’all there’s $100 billion+ dollars in EV financing deals with other companies that IDEX has deals secured with. Most of this revenue will be from the big ticket items busses and trucks including a 800,000 bus unit deal that’s in the tens of billions. Once this issue is solved it’s over as the revenue from these deals will finally be on the balance sheet and will make the company very profitable especially since they are a middle man and don’t have the drastic manufacturing overhead expenses. Note I’m not even including potential MMW sales, charging stations/5G recurring revenue, energy sales, timios, treelektrik Etc. I can’t believe the MAJORITY of the market is not forward thinking the potential of IDEX
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