$AMC Mittleman bullish on AMC, look in the news section for whole article. "AMC’s share price rose from $9.33 to $10.70, for a return of +17% (dividends included). Box office receipts were down -5.5% YTD through 9/30/19, but a strong slate of movies on deck in Q4 (including the final Star Wars movie) might be enough to get the full year numbers closer to flat from last year’s record results. Regardless, the stock is very cheap at its quarter-end price of $10.70, with a 7.5% dividend yield. MIM purchased more AMC shares recently in the $9s and has crossed back up over the 5% ownership threshold again. The minimum fair value estimate for AMC is $27 per share, which is 2.5x the quarter-end price of $10.70. $27 would be an enterprise value to EBITDA multiple of 9.7x EBITDA of $800M, and a market cap to free cash flow multiple of 12x FCF of $300M......”
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