$EVFM @TimeWillTell9 Let me start with a disclaimer that I don't work in the field and I am only using data and logic to respond. So, I agree with you that it is crowded field. They acknowledge that they are not going after the IUD and implants rather the users of hormonal pills. I think that is a very legit market and one where women have very little option yet they have to live with the undesirable side effects. I am not sure where this idea of earth-shattering part is coming from. Anyone who'd have done a little bit of DD - just reviewing the investors presentation would know that. I agree that it will be a tough market yet I am willing to bet that there is substantial fraction of users who'd want to try. Pills have to be taken everyday - if you miss one, you'd be stressed out. For Phexxi usage, of course one would have to carry it in person - but same would apply for condoms.
@Karmic birth control is a very crowded field with expensive launch. The effectiveness of phexxi is well below pills, iud, implants. Who would want a birth so-so control? One can buy spermicide otc for 10 bucks. Sure there is a small niche market, but not the kind of earth shattering newest birth control illusion that this company is portraying.
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@Karmic i suppose one can use phexxi if one misses a pill. So there is a market there. For a primary BC method, who would want 86 to 92% effectiveness. Who would want to drive a car with brake that works with similar percentage? Thoughts?