$ATNM Actinium-225 (atomic number 79) 1. Used as Ac-225-CD33-mAb (actimabA) 2. Oak Ridge Nat Lab (ORNL) - the main supplier. Separate Ac from nuclear reactor waste containing - Ac-225/Th-229; "Generator" produced. 3. Typical use per patient 16-640 microCurie (microC) for different trials. 1000,0000 microC = Curie 4. Global demand: 1-2 Curie currently 5. NEW PRODUCTION: Take non-regulated Thorium target; smash it with high beam protons in accelerators - this is called "Accelerator produced" Ac-225, generated Ac-225 to be separated at ORNL. 6. Side reaction produced Ac-227 has half life of 21 years. 7. Brookhaven Nat Lab (BNL) and Los Alamos Nat Lab (LANL) - can generate ~ 2C in one batch after 10 day irradiation of Th target. 8. BNL beam line can produce multiple batches simultaneously. 9.Tri-Lab effort: BNL/LANL produce Ac-225; ORNL able to separate it. 10. Main takeaway: Routine production possible now. Say, 20 batches at BNL and LANL can produce 80C. (vid link below)
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