$PTON 2 hourly topping wicks candles followed by a bearish engulfing candle down to support of 100.51. Rising wedge is bearish: support at 100.51 was breached is bearish and finally the macd has crossed which is bearish. The Chart says we going lower. The chart says bulls are losing strength Lockdown headlines and COVID 19 is no longer driving the stock higher.
@Kashtrader insider sells are normal. Tim Cook sold 100 mil worth of apple and stock price didn’t flinch. Look at the 100 millions of sales in zoom while it was skyrocketing in June. The president of peloton seems like he’s getting paid with stocks because look at how many shares he has outstanding after he sold each time. You’re betting on the price to go down which I respect that but I don’t see any indication and COVID-19 surprises you every time we all thought that we were going back to normal in May the latest. What if there is news that the vaccine fails and you have all covid stocks skyrocketing. Nobody can predict that