$EROS Near the top of the recent range with only average volume. News could give us a breakout to take us off this shelf and pull in the momo players or we could just fall back into the recent trading range around $2.10 and keep building a base. Just an FYI we will be hitting the annual December headwinds as the stock was at $8.32 on January 2nd so many institutions are still way underwater. There has not been a enough gain since the plunge in June so some, if not many, large institutions will most likely dump their shares for a tax loss starting next week through mid December. They will buy again Jan 2. It is all about window dressing, competition and attracting new investment inflows for 2020. In a record high year the funds will want to show they were just "spectacular" stock pickers when the send out the January year end summary. The last thing they want to show is a holding they lost 70% . This will give us a retailers a gift to add to our positions for the bounce in Jan.
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