$APHA @WidowPuppy @KauaiTrader Has not fallen? wtf... lol. Fallen is relative to the other large cap players in the market. Look at TLRY, CRON, CGC and ACB to see fallen. APHA started out as a $.75 stock and traded less than $1 for a full year. Do you think those who still hold are upset? Did you buy any then? Cannabis was a bubble play since 2017 and has now came back to earth. Everyone knew it and still bought in just like the tech companies in the late 1990's. APHA will fill the void that ACB and the other players will create due to financial malfeasance and pitifully poor management. Regardless of the sluggish start, the cannabis market and derivatives will be astronomically large in revenues by 2023-4. Similar to the 90's, there will be Microsofts, Amazons, Intels etc. that will emerge as the power players. APHA will be one of them. As I see in your constant negative postings you are either short or been burned and just want to trash APHA. I hope you are short.
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