$LABS.CA The stock put in a nice rebound with nearly double avg. volume on Friday indicating the bias is finally turning to the upside. It has been oversold on the $HEXO issue plus the continued general market hatred toward even the good cannabis stocks. In all fairness, considering $ACB finally dumped their CEO as well as a downbeat preview of the upcoming ER, it held up quite well from the $1.50 low of last month. These are early indications the cannabis market has washed out many of the sellers and the buyers both old and new are picking out the gems for the next run up. As smaller under financed and heavily leverage growers go under the large caps with access to low cost funding like $APHA and $CGC will buy them for pennies and dominate the market. Extraction services like Medipharm, Valens and Neptune will have a better model for revenue with the majors and will grow with them in unison.
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