@Upsauce $EROS The 200m day moving average has been the standard wall for decades. It is an extremely reliable profit making play on the "first contact" and multiple retests are encountered. Most programs use above 200 as a strong stock below 200 weak. The algos collect data on multiple stocks as as their price enters the zone at 3.75-5% from the 200ma whether approaching from above or below. They analyze and evaluate the character of the zone entry looking at velocity, sentiment via social networks, news, analyst targets, previous trading day ranges, previous tests etc. As the stock nears the 200 ma the algos will place their buys at or near the 200 price with a tight stop .5% below or above for protection. You will see the arrows where working TRT. See the buys along the 200 (Blue) since September then the big stop today with today's decline. From the underside they work in reverse. The algos don't play every stock but they are in Eros and currently seeing weakness.
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