$LABS.CA Articles like this will certainly bring attention to Medipharm MEDIF for a short term lift but for long term investment it can cut you out of the 10X price targets. M&A will be rampant this year as the major cannabis companies consolidate like $TLRY, $ACB ., $CGC and $APHA start looking diligently for targets to acquire that will add future growth. There were rumors in late December management was considering a buyout which may be why we have had such a staggering large volume increase this year. When the Co- Founder / CEO then stepped aside I thought it may have been a done deal. Maybe it is? We will see. That would be too bad for us that have been buying Ted Waller's "Hidden Gem" for the last year as the transition is pretty much complete and revenues and share price will be rising making this a very profitable stock to own. I think we will have an answer within the next month or so. seekingalpha.com/article/44...