$XOM No question. It’s tough to watch it go down down down. I’m in at 41.75 average. Still not sweating too hard. The company and its assets are worth more than the market cap. They’re a huge natural gas and petrochemical player. Petrochemicals market is supposed to grow by like 50% in the next 10 years. Solid dividend even if they cut it in half. Seriously, look around, I have, and a lot. I’ll never panic sell at a low. Only took one time to learn that lesson. Unless you genuinely think a company is heading for bankruptcy, or urgently need money to stop a kneecapping situation, it’s crazy. I’ll keep it at half its value for twenty years and the dividend will pay me back by then. Don’t think that’s how it will play out. Who knows when oil demand will truly come back, but this will rise along with it. I’m still predicting $50-55 within two years.
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