$ONT.X Looking to buy this stock. I think it's bullish. I've done my research one it, I like that it is being held by institutional holders like Vanguard Group and Blackrock. $ZOM $SNDL are two stocks in return for the kindness, that will be well over $1 by March. Both gained massively and with all democrats running everything $SNDL is going to thrive and $ZOM has a special product TRUFORMA and many other product releases to come and will like be picked up by a larger company for it's extreme value and a new CEO with 30 years experience who used his salary to buy over 1 million shares of the company and has turned multiple million dollar companies into billion dollar companies. ZOM is a $30 million with a veterinarian product that has an estimate value of over $2.8 Billion dollars. Back to my original question I'm deciding to either add more to, any honest bulls out there who are will give me their educated opinions. Looking to buy and hold for at least 1-3 months. Thanks.
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