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    Kenan Joined Jul 12, 2013


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      Top 10% Disciplined Trader
      Top 10% 📈 Stock Trader & Investor who 🚨 alerts the 🔥 hottest 🚀 stocks daily with entry, stop loss, and exit. Get 1 on 1 help and the full voice/text alerts via Mobile/PC through my chatroom. Join Now and Start 🙌+💰 Link below 👇
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      Join Best Stock Alerts Chatroom .Email at - for more information of the chatroom.
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      A team of professionals, #Daytrading and #SwingTrading. We also teach our members and 1 on 1 mentoring students how to trade. There is nothing like 1 on 1 mentoring, where you are not afraid to ask a question and you get all of the attention.
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      I am not a fortune teller! I cannot see the future, so please do not follow my trades unless YOU are a fortune teller or you are willing to lose :)
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      Stock Market Sensei
      #1 Stock app. Stock Market Sensei gives a stock's most likely low,high,opening & closing prices - daily.So you are comfortable in making your investment and trading decisions.You can also explore the activity of interesting stocks in a more fun way.
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      Mick O Connell
      I'm a Kerry man - I buy growth companies with great products and strong balance sheets serving high growth potential niche markets. They call me the Warren Buffet of Kerry - Sure I own half the place including the best pub in town.
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      Who's asking?
      Trading and investing for ~20 years. I like dividends, shorting junk, options & warm milk with a bed time story. Read the charts & follow the $$$ flow
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      Views posted here are solely my opinion, do not constitute a trade recommendation, and have no relation to the views of my employer
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      Patrick Tranter
      “The naive believe everything, but a wise man looks well into a matter.” -King Soloman *Proverbs 14:15* I've been trading stocks and commodities for a couple years now. I also sell cars and can deliver to any state in America.
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      I am a full time blogger & stock trader. Technical analysis & charts are the foundation to my trading. I enjoy teaching & helping others take control of their trading by using the tool of charts.
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      Randall Millard
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      Chart King
      They call me Jae Did. Been trading for over 10 years now. Rule #1 is to MAKE MONEY. Rule #2 repeat rule number 1. Follow me and let's make money together! #SMITHSHARES
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      John Williams
      I'm trying to be a swing trader. I've lost money in the past by holding on to losers. Lately I always cut losses below 5% and aim for 10%+ gains. I sometimes miss out on winners, but I'm in the black now and feel I'm making good progress.
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      Joseph Fahmy Official Account
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      Dan Zanger Official Account
      World Record Holder Top Swing Trader - Turned $10,775 to over $18,000,000. All posts are done by my protege Randy Opper (CM) who is the moderator of my chat room
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      Justin B
      I buy stocks hold for short term 3% to 6% with big amounts and then sell. An move on to the next. Best year doing this was 2013 +340%
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      Breakout expert with stock options is my main focus. I make plans that put the odds in your favour, $STUDY my Video`s and Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel called PowerTarget Trades to learn.
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      Stock Trade Alerts
      Stock Trade Alerts and Trade Ideas.